Saturday, 31 October 2015

Trick or Treat candies from Mary's & Morozoff

Halloween is a fun day where children will go knocking on peoples' doors.
When the homeowner answers the door, the children will say "Trick or Treat" and the homeowner can either give them sweets as a TREAT or the kids will do something mischievous in return to the owner or property.

In Hong Kong, the culture is a bit different so they just have Halloween treats for people to buy.
In the bag it had a nice mix of chocolate and candies.
The chocolate was quite nice and not too sweet.









Friday, 30 October 2015

NOODLEs or WAFFLEs! Waffills

Went past Waffills because I wanted to check out Belgos and other eateries around the area and discovered that Waffills had this noodle waffle and other new savoury items.
I was quite amazed with this new creation, noodles in the shape of a waffle!

Fried waffle noodles:

The presentation was really fun and creativity is endless because they can also put rice in it and make waffle shaped rice!
Anyway, I loved it because it was soft noodles in the middle with a slight crispiness on the surface. It tasted a bit like noodles in oyster sauce with a hint of spiciness which could have been stronger and the spring onions gave it a nice flavour.
The texture and taste is a bit like the chiuchow style crispy noodles but better because it is not dipped in sugar.
There was also liver terrine with it to make the noodles richer and silkier but it tasted great with or without because the noodles were in a carrot ginger sauce.

As well as the noodles, this was divine because the goose liver and waffil bread were just perfect together and the apple balanced the heaviness of the goose liver terrine.
The waffil bread was crisp with a slight chew and is similar to pitta bread but better because there is an even crispiness and structure to it.

Possible Taco:

The pork was good on its own without the sauces but after adding sauces, it tasted even better with a fuller flavour because the sauces were bold and strong.

Chocolate milk:


Saturday session with freeflow cocktails

Tried the Saturday session here which is priced at HKD450 (+service charge) where you get to enjoy free-flow cocktails and food platters from 2.30pm to 5pm with funky music.

Featuring cocktails mixed with absolut vodka, Chivas 12 year whisky and more.
Yuzu and Mandarin Cosmos (abdolut vodka, madarin, yuzu and cranberry)

Smoked Peanut butter old fashioned (Chivas 12 year whisky, chocolate bitter, smoke, chamomile)

Bishonen (yakult, peach puree, strawberries, raspberries and ginger ale)

Ema Zuri (kiwi gold, yuzu zest, apple juice and lime)

To summarize, i liked the Bishonen which had a strong strawberry taste and the peanut butter.
Here are the platters and my favourites were the sushi and grilled items.

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