Wednesday, 13 December 2017

[City Garden Hotel] Christmas buffet

Garden Café at City Garden Hotel is always my favourite places for buffets.
For Christmas, it got even better because they have Christmas dessert paradise as well as traditional roast turkey.

The buffet kept me busy all night because there was something delicious at every station.

There are some starter shots before dinner which you can drink while you are waiting for friends and prepare yourself for the feast.

The seafood was good and the salads were fresh and the caesar sauce made the salads moreish.
You don't except congee to be tasty but it was with a chicken infused into it.
The noodle station was another place for my carbs craving because the tomyumkung broth was strong.


I love desserts and the donuts were comforting for me, the bite size was good and they were filled with jam, then there was my favorite pandan cake as well as the chewy sachimas.

 All cheesecakes!!

If you reserve and pay a deposit, you can take part in the “Build Your Own Snowman” session.
Limited to one snowman per table and only 30 snowmen will be built each night on a first-booked, first-served basis.

Christmas special drink Eggnog!!

30% off when you book direct online.
Garden Café
1/F, 9 City Garden Road, North Point, Hong Kong
+852 2806 4922

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

[Best Western Macau Hotel Sun Sun] Staying in the heart of Macau

While Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities to live and travel, Macau is getting there as well.
Best Western Macau Hotel Sun Sun was referred to me by a friend and it really appealed to me because of the location.
It is only 10 - 15 minutes away from Ruins of St. Paul’s and A-Ma Temple and the supermarket Sunsco is just round the corner.
The best thing is, you are staying in the middle of a residential area so you see the real everyday life of Macanese people with local eateries nearby which are not touristy prices.
Saying that, there is a fantastic place for dimsum nearby which recently got recommended by Michelin and this other Michelin recommended noodle joint, so a double bonus for foodies.

The hotel offers a variety of rooms from standard to deluxe suites, and all rooms are non-smoking and equipped with amenities including air conditioning, flat-screen TV, electric kettle, freezer, a bathroom with shower and personal care amenities etc.
A relaxing bath:
Coffee maker:
Stylish fridge filled with refreshments

We dined at THE SQUARE PORTUGUESE RESTAURANT located in the hotel offering delicious Portuguese fare with American decor.

Delicious bites of bacahau:
Kale and potato soup:
Chicken curry with spices imported from India:
Mouth watering African chicken which had a fiery chili and peanut sauce drenched on top:
Roast suckling pig
My favourite was the Serradura pudding because I love whipped cream!

They are currently adding more items to the menu to offer more variety as well as Portuguese dishes.

Outside the hotel, you will find that it is surrounded by colourful street art making it fun for selfies.

Video of the street art around the hotel:

[Best Western Macau Hotel Sun Sun]

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

[Bistro on the Mile] Buffet highlights for Christmas and NYE

Christmas is coming and everyone is probably busy making plans on where to go.
Buffets are usually the number one choice because everyone can choose what they want.

Here are the highlights on what is coming up at Bistro on the Mile.

The turkey is a must and the breast was soft and tender complimented deliciously by the cranberry sauce and gravy.

To finish off, the Yule log and chestnut cakes were a sweet ending.

As well as that, other delicious highlights include paella, lobster, lobster soup while you will still find other delicious items like scallop themed dishes which is their current theme.

BM Christmas highlight dinner items on 24, 25, 31 Dec 2017 where some dishes will be rotated as the list below is just a general scope on what is going to come up.

Cold dishes item for buffet:
Duck foie gras and artichoke pate ( Dinner )
Scallop with beetroot salad
Devilled egg with bacon, Salmon caviar
Galantine of chicken with wild mushroom
Fresh Oysters ( Dinner )

Japanese dishes:
Prawn Tempura
Deep-fried soft shell crab tempura with orange dressing
Roasted eel with mushroom rice and seaweed in Japanese style ( Dinner )
Lobster and scallop cake in Japan style ( Dinner )

Lobster Bisque
Double boiled fish maw and chicken soup ( Dinner )

Hot dishes item for buffet:
Braised wagyu beef with port wine sauce and glazed onion, carrot ( Dinner )
Mint, lemon and garlic roasted lamb saddle
Baked lobster Thermidor ( Dinner )
Spanish seafood paella ( Dinner )
Baked oyster with spinach and cheese
Chicken Kiev with dill butter
Deep fried beef brisket with fritter, garlic vinaigrette
Steamed scallop on shell with vermicelli and garlic ( Dinner )
Wok-fried crab with spring onion and ginger ( Dinner )
Wok-fried bay lobster with garlic and chili ( Dinner )
Carving station Roasted pineapple ham
Roasted Turkey
Beef Wellington
Roasted Prime rib ( Dinner )
Sucking pig with condiment ( Dinner )
From the grill Seafood - Mussel, king prawn, Scallops, Salmon, Seabass, Squid
Pan-fried duck liver with caramelized apple ( Dinner )
Lamb chop with rosemary and garlic

Christmas Stollen
Christmas pudding with Vanilla Sauce
Mini mince pies
Chocolate Yule log cake
Chestnut cakes
Croquembouche profiteroles
Pineapple & ginger Pavlova

[Bistro on the Mile]
Holiday Inn Golden Mile
Tel: 23151118
50 Nathan Road,
1st Floor,

[Price list]

Sunday, 26 November 2017

[Kee Wah Studio] Hong Kong traditional pastry making passed on

Kee Wah is a traditional family operated company with modern management that strives to preserve the long tradition of Chinese pastries.
All year round, Kee Wah Bakery is renowned for its bakeries and festive products.
Their products make good souvenirs and comfort treats for overseas Chinese or anyone who wants to try traditional Chinese pastries.

Kee Wah Bakery has launched the "Kee Wah Studio” in October 2017, allowing Hong Kong people and tourists to understand more about Hong Kong history and local pastry culture. The traditional Hong Kong pastry-making classes are taught by experienced instructors. Locals and tourists can participate and make their own traditional pastries and breads in this extraordinary location. To make it more meaningful, they can also share the finished products with their family and friends.

The studio along with the tea room is located on 188 Queen's road in a building built in the 1930s which is recognized as a Grade III historic building by the Antiquities and Monuments Office in Hong Kong.
On the ground floor is the bakery shop.

Recently I attended a Chinese preserved sausage bun class at Kee Wah Studio where I learnt how the steamed bun was made.

It was really fun making it traditionally and then giving it a modern twist.

Here are my finished buns!!

I definitely recommend this class because once you learn how to make the steamed bun you can apply it to other Chinese steamed buns and add some creativity to it.

Other fun classes include festive cookies, egg tarts, cocktail bun, Winter melon pastry and more.

There is a 10% off  when you enrol for classes at Kee Wah studio with code [KW10%OFF_supersupergirl] !! Offer expires 31/12/17
*推廣優惠碼 [奇華工作坊]: KW10%OFF_supersupergirl*
- 於奇華工作坊網上報名時,只要輸入以上推廣優惠碼,即可享有九折優惠
- 以上優惠適用於奇華工作坊所有課程
- 優惠適用日期由即日起至2017年12月31日

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